VanillaAir Presentation

VanillaAir Presentation

Patrick Beaucamp, Ceo of BPM-Conseil, will present the Vanilla Air platform – the Analytics module available in Vanilla that runs R models - at Lyon R Meetup event on march 18th 2016.

R OData Package

R OData Package

A big step forward to provide Analytics on OpenData for the masses ! Our R&D department is about to release R OData package, a R package that provides support for OData restful API, filling the gap between OpenData platforms contents (datasets, documents) and R developers community, by providing immediate access to any Odata datasets from any R development studio.

Vanilla Air 2.0, part of Vanilla Smart Data, is officially available

Vanilla Air 2.0, part of Vanilla Smart Data, is officially available, with awesome new features :
  • Support for multiple R servers
  • WorkFlow to process a suit of different R programs

OpenData Connectors

Vanilla Hub, part of Vanilla Smart Data platform, provides now connectors for Open Data instances, using standard OpenData API. 
This support allows Vanilla Hub to connect to any potential Open Data instance which meets the Open Data standard. The connector allow dynamic connections to dataset, and calls to their associated resources (standard Api function).

Vanilla Smart Data version 1 is out of the laboratory

We are proud to announce the official availability of Vanilla Smart Data, the dedicated Data Analytics & Data Science Platform,  that provides engines & interfaces to help user to take control of their data. The first 4 modules of the platform are available :


New Data Science WebSite

Bpm-Conseil launches a new Website dedicated to Big Data and Data Science, introducing our  new Data Analysis Platform, Vanilla Smart Data