Vanilla Smart Data version 1 is out of the laboratory

We are proud to announce the official availability of Vanilla Smart Data, the dedicated Data Analytics & Data Science Platform,  that provides engines & interfaces to help user to take control of their data. The first 4 modules of the platform are available :


  • Vanilla Hub : a full featured data Hub platform to collect information from various data sources, including Social Media, Website content with Crawlers, Economics data, Weather data …
  • Agila : a Web based browser for Big data, to design and run multi dimensional studies on top of your Big data
  • Vanilla Air : a disruptive Analytics engine & interface, build on R, to design and run predictive models.
  • Visualizer : Dashboard made easy ! … get all your data & predictive model inside an awesome document, pdf, word or html format.


Vanilla Smart Datais awesome ! In a short time, you can be connected to your data, analyze them and run predictive models. Importance of Big Data is growing with the emergence of reliable data storage platforms and the need to analyze more and more data, outside of legacy database infrastructure” said Patrick Beaucamp, Chairman of BPM-Conseil.