R OData Package

R OData Package

A big step forward to provide Analytics on OpenData for the masses ! Our R&D department is about to release R OData package, a R package that provides support for OData restful API, filling the gap between OpenData platforms contents (datasets, documents) and R developers community, by providing immediate access to any Odata datasets from any R development studio.

“It’s now possible for every R developer to cross data from different OpenData Websites, which should speed up development of cluster analysis, classification and correlation on dataset, powered by R server” said Patrick Beaucamp, Ceo of Bpm-Conseil, who personally covered the development of this innovative package together with Bpm-Conseil R&D team.

R OData package will be available on CRAN and on Bitbucket, and will be installed in the default set of R packages with Vanilla Air, the Analytics module of Vanilla Smart Data, our Data Science Platform. Support for R OData includes any OData datasets, which covers most of the Open Data Websites, and particularly every Website powered by Data4Citizen OpenData platform.

Please refer to the Documentation section of BPM-Conseil website for detailed documentations and installation : Documentations section

Direct link to the CRAN package : R OData Package

R OData Package

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